Hey There, I'm Sarah.

I’m the founder of Nomad Pilates, creator of The Pilates Playbook, a teacher and one of the co-founders of The Pilates Brunch.

I’ve been teaching across some of Melbourne’s most popular studio’s for the past 5 years and have been sharing what I’ve learned along the way. My biggest desire is to contribute to a more connected, playful and creative community of Pilates teachers.

It can start to feel pretty isolating once your in the swing of teaching.

You spend your time planning, learning and running from class to class with little time to connect to the wider community.

Sometimes we feel stuck and don’t know where to go for help so we just look to the next course to fill the void.

But actually most of the time what we really need to do is trust ourselves more and gain a wider perspective!

My background in elite sport and growing obsession with all things self development, journalling, reflection and visualisation have all led to the creation of this space and everything Nomad Pilates offers.

Getting to that space where you find 
teaching truly fulfilling and energy giving 
takes time and a truck load of patience! 

It also takes the courage to continually ask good questions not 
just of our clients but ourselves! I really believe that we always have the answer within us, we just need to learn to create space to listen and muster the courage to trust ourselves more!

I want to help instructors feel confident in walking their own path and help them find their own ‘playbook’ for success.

I hope you find many tools and resources to help you on your teaching journey! as always feel free to get in touch here with your comments, thoughts or questions!

BLACK - The Pilates Playbook
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