I’ve been lucky enough to have many mentors, coaches and elders in my life that have acted like guideposts.

They have helped me navigate challenging times and periods of growth in all facets of my life from my time as an elite athlete to my corporate career, to pilates teaching and then in pregnancy and the beautiful birth of my daughter.

Which is why I have created these coaching calls. Sometimes all we need is a little perspective to help us find our way.


It can start to feel pretty isolating once your in the swing of teaching, running from class to class with little time to connect to the wider community. Or maybe you’re tired of doing course after course and what you actually need to do is trust yourself more and reconnect with why you are teaching!

I designed these calls to be an option for you to check in as you feel you need to gain insight and perspective rather than another course that simple teaches you exercises.

If you want to explore your creativity, career, self practice, your unique style in an authentic way that really fuels your Pilates soul then let's connect!

This is ideal for you to work with me to unpack and go deeper into all the softer skills around teaching that never really get spoken about like: 

  • Finding your formula for class planning and how this might
    develop but continue to be useful at every stage in your career

  • How to build real Connection within yourself and the humans in front of you 

  • How to bring your previous skills to your teaching

  • Learning what fuels you and what makes you unique

  • You just had an ‘oh shit, what the hell am I doing moment’ and need someone to help you find direction, stay on track and find your mojo!

  • Your going through a career transition whether that be from corporate to full time teaching or you have been teaching for 3+ years and are needing some direction to figure out your next move that really aligns with you and your values

  • You are wanting to find a deeper connection to your self practice,
    teaching or career

  • Your struggling with burn out and finding a schedule that makes you feel energised and joyful

  • or maybe you just want to have a confidential chat about some challenges you are going through with someone who understands the industry you work in!

How it works

  • 1 hour recorded coaching call (via zoom)

  • Takeaway resources specific to your needs

  • 2 x email follow ups to help you stay on track

The Pilates Playbook - a class planning notebook for pilates teachers