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Fuel Your Pilates Soul: The Workshop for Creative Instructors

Most of us don't actually need to learn more repertoire! But what we do need is to get a MUCH better at learning how to keep our Pilates Soul alight and move with the ebb and flow in relation to our teaching rather than striving, gritting and pushing until we burn out!

Fuel Your Pilates Soul is a 1.5hr workshop which you can watch now by booking through the button below or you can host a workshop at your studio for Pilates team training.

This workshop is an opportunity to give yourself space and time to check-in, reconnect to your goals and values and move forward with a sense of calm perseverance. It’s all about touching base with the foundation of your teaching and looking at what drives you!

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Sustainable Class Planning practices

  • Tools for teaching anxiety and managing external pressures

  • Igniting your self-practice - ask yourself better questions for growth

  • Teaching in a way that gives you energy rather than depletes you (unlock the CREATIVE, CONNECTOR, STORYTELLER within you)

  • Define your teaching values, philosophy and then practically apply it to your teaching and the places you work

  • What ‘real’ connection with clients looks, feels and sounds like!

  • Learn how to create meaningful goals

What people are saying about
Fuel Your Pilates Soul

“I really appreciate how real you were!....I loved thinking about how I want to feel when I walk away and how I want my clients to feel when they walk away. I think I’m only just starting out and I’ve been so focused on the exercises and mixing it up and then focusing on the most important part which is the connection!”

And I felt super empowered about just being yourself. I know it sounds silly but you get so caught up in other teachers and trying to live up to some expectation so that was exactly what I needed to hear” 

Bek Gilbert

“Sarah, thank you so much for the webinar. I listened to it over a week ago and have felt totally different with my teaching ever since. Your words of wisdom took a lot of weight of my teacher-shoulders and some layers of anxiety, tiredness , and stress were peeled off. I remembered again who I am as a teacher and as a human being. Being a Pilates teacher is sometimes very lonely and I am so thankful for all the work you do as you bring so much light to our careers. I cannot wait for the next one!!” 

Julie from Finland

“I think knowing the feelings and struggles are shared with everyone, there’s a sense of comfort in that. Regardless if you are new or experienced - we are all on this journey together but it’s great that we can do it in our own way also, trusting yourself and your instincts. I’ve learned more via experience, workshops and getting out of my comfort zone then I did just doing my certification and face to face. But that’s something that can’t be taught. Going at your own pace as you said is so damn important. I work full time still, I don’t want to burn myself out or half-ass when I teach so I’m going at my own pace to get the best experience out of it.”

Tess Coniglio

Sarah has a deep understanding and connection with teaching and life, and had us use self-development and reflection techniques to bring these two things together. These creative writing techniques encouraged us to think deeper and open up to each other about what makes us comfortable in our own skin, and help us discover our unique qualities as not only a teacher but a human being, and how the two go hand in hand. Hearing about Sarah's journey, and practising her techniques truly inspired me to feel even more connected with what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and the way I'm travelling through life in general. Her words and methods will stay with me always. Thank you Sarah! X

Tarryn Harbach, Pilates Instructor

I want to thank Sarah for her ‘Fuel your pilates soul’ workshop session I attended recently. The room was instantly made to feel at ease through her gentle nature and her vulnerability in sharing her own story. Sarah has a unique ability to create a space for the participants to reflect on some hard questions that open up self truths in a non judgemental and encouraging way. I left her session feeling inspired and that I wasn’t alone in some of the professional tensions I was trying to balance internally. Thank you for your preparation Sarah, I appreciate your work greatly. I am now pairing all that with more self reflection in my Pilates Playbook at home, I can’t wait to set goals into the new year and be the best teacher I can be!

Lauren from @pilateswithloz

 I was beyond excited to listen to the wonderful Sarah talk about her Pilates career so far, as I just knew she has so much experience and knowledge to be able to deliver a wonderful workshop. She did not disappoint! Sarah went above and beyond to deliver her insightful perspectives on a range of different things we as Pilates Instructors experience from time to time - both good and bad! Sarah is an absolute blessing to the Pilates industry.

Katrina Reeves, Pilates Instructor  

Hey Sarah, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much I enjoyed your workshop on Sunday. It definitely resonated and although I attended The Pilates Brunch to find some new inspiration for class planning and maybe some hot tips for new teachers, your words are the ones that have stayed with me. Although it wasn’t really something I could apply to teaching at the moment (as a new instructor) I’ve definitely felt a shift in my mindset towards other aspect of my life!

Erin Rainey, Pilates Instructor and corporate warrior

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