Graphic Design, Digital Marketing & Tender Specialist

I've worked in graphic designer, marketing and in submission roles across architecture and construction environments for the past 10 years. More recently I decided to get out of my comfort zone and freelance as a way to keep up to date with modern trends in digital marketing and design, work on meaningful projects and create my own business.

I believe that
all creativity starts with movement

It's a little unconventional, but this is why I've combined my passion for Pilates and Design in the one place. These two aspects of my life are not separate, they are meshed together and intertwined. This approach helps me focus, find inspiration, produce my best work and fills me up. 

A snippet about me

I’m one of those annoying people who are multi-passionate! I have a love of design and movement (which is also why I went from elite athlete to corporate worker to Pilates teacher and freelancer).

But the real through line here is that I love building connection and community wherever I go. I love telling stories whether that be through teaching movement, the things I design and create or through helping your business, event, presentation, podcast, ebook or proposal link together visually to tell a story that represents your unique business and community.

I’m a really dedicated and a driven individual. I’m awesome at being your ‘wing woman’ I love knowing the big picture and what we are working towards and taking action. I try to live out each and every day by my core values which is why freelancing and flexibility work for me so I can do work I love and spend time with my family.

For this reason I tend to only work with people I respect both in business and personally who align with those values and find that this always works out better for everyone. Some of these values include: Trust, Growth Mindset, Authenticity, Community, Leadership, Flexibility and Creativity.

Logo & Brand Design for Armature Pilates

Brand design, social media management for The Pilates Brunch.

As well as marketing, comms & event coordination for the event which I co-founded. It is now in it’s third year. After selling out in Melbourne 2 years in a row we are adding an additional event in Perth.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 1.25.44 pm.png

Design and Coordination of Queens Place, Tower 1 Submission

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Brochure Design for HY Building Solutions


Coordination of 130 Lonsdale Street.

I worked closely with a creative agency to come up with the box and cover design. I then completed the internal template and bid inline with brand guidelines and the cover.

The Pilates Playbook - a notebook for Pilates Instructors

Creation and Design of The Pilates Playbook - a class planning notebook for Pilates Teachers

Design and Coordination of The Middlesex Submission, London

Flow chart, diagram design, coordination and layout of Sustainability Report

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Internal Communications: Employee survey marketing and email campaign

Design of workbook (electronic & print version) for White Dog Studio

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Design & Creation of the More Rest, Less Hustle ebook as part of an opt-in offer for my site Nomad Pilates.

Coordination and Management of Soulful Conversations with Ash Grunwald. A podcast created by prominent Blues and Roots musician and author Ash Grunwald.

I am also responsible for creating content and writing the fortnightly newsletter (Mailchimp) that is sent out to over 3000 subscribers. As well as setting up a membership sight through Patreon.

Design and Coordination of The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital Redevelopment Submission.

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Design & Coordination of Submission and Pre / Post Presentation for the Melbourne Exhibition Centre Expansion project. 

Internal Communications: Design of suit of x3 group fitness posters

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Logo Design for Candles by Alex