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Resources that helped me have a normal physiological birth (aka natural, drug free at 16 days overdue)

Resources that helped me have a normal physiological birth (aka natural, drug free at 16 days overdue)

From before I was even pregnant I had built a little trusted support crew of people. These people included my Osteo, Pilates studio, Acupuncturist and GP who I trusted wholeheartedly and who all knew my body really well. Along with my family and husband this little team of people were invaluable to having the natural drug free birth I wanted.

Positive Birth Stories

I can’t stress enough the importance of surrounding yourself with powerful women, a supportive team and hearing positive birth stories. I only knew of one person in my circle who had a natural drug free birth so I looked online for others. 

Don't Give Your Power Away & Rhea Dempsey

If I hadn't read Rhea Dempsey's book Birth with Confidence or attended her workshop I honestly don't know if I would have had the kind of birth I wanted. Her course gave me so much confidence to not give my power away and to trust in my body. But more than anything she lays out exactly how the hospital system works in a very 'no bullshit' way. The truth is its difficult to have a natural drug free birth in a hospital these days and it's essential you know your way around the system so you can make informed decisions at each step. 

Get a Doula and the right support team and you won't make the mistake of going to hospital to early!

I can't stress enough how important it was that my Husband was on the same page as me. His openness to learning about everything about birth was invaluable. He also got along really well with our Doula and would actively partook in all the sessions we had. This really meant we were on the same page by the time labour came around and I had no doubts that he would be amazing. My parents were also amazing in giving me a lot of confidence to trust my own decisions when I was facing induction and finding it especially difficult in the last few weeks.

Getting a Doula was the best decision we made! Lola our Doula was so insightful and helped us discuss many things we hadn’t thought of. Her gentle encouragement to really tune into my intuition in those last few weeks was so helpful. I will be forever grateful for her guidance and encouragement that helped me get through labour at home and then at the hospital. Without her we would have gone to the hospital like most people way too early! 

I knew my midwife's

I was lucky enough to get into the Cosmos program at the Women’s Hospital which is Midwife led care. I think I saw a doctor twice maybe three times my entire pregnancy. 

Having midwife led care significantly increases your chances of having a normal physiological birth (Rhea Dempsey talks about the statistics around this in her book or just have a google). I felt so lucky to have had these Women around me and it was so sad when we left that I wasn’t going to see them again. It’s really strange going through such an intimate and huge experience of birth/labour and then being like “ok thanks, catch ya later”!

List of Resources I used

Book: Birth with Confidence by Rhea Dempsey 

Podcast: The Cord Podcast

Audiobook: ‘Birthing for Blokes’ by Mark Harris. 

Podcast: New Dad’s podcast episode by the Urban Monk

Facebook/Website: Birth without Fear

Facebook/Website: Womb World Beyond 

Facebook/Website: Rockstar Birth Magazine 

YouTube: Ina May Gaskin’s Documentary and YouTube Videos

And the most important resource of all was within me! 
We are all Strong Woman

Becoming a Mum will transform you in ways you had never imagined. If you are open to it and if you let it, the pregnancy and birth will force you to look your fears in the eye and move through them, it will bring up strong emotions, self-doubt and questions about who you really are, can you really do this, will I be a good parent and it will make you accept yourself and all your imperfections.

It will make you fierce and it will make you vulnerable, it will put a fire in your belly and make you see the world in an entire new light.

Birth and Motherhood will show you how strong you truly are no matter what kind of birth you have, it will show you how strong all women are that when it’s all over you will just be amazed and in awe about what an awesome bloody job you just did and you will know that no matter what comes up in your life again, that you can put trust in yourself any time it is needed because you are a strong, powerful woman who was built for birth!

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