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When are you going to trust yourself?

When are you going to trust yourself?

Realising that you don't know everything as a teacher can be pretty overwhelming and is often the reason we lack confidence or are intimidated by others power.

So at the beginning of your teaching journey you scramble.
Eagerly socking up every piece of information you can.
Taking up every opportunity given to you.
Observing, teaching, working out at every spare block of time you have.
Juggling a corporate career, family and your determination to be a great instructor.
and saying yes to everything because you think you need to fill the gaps as quickly as possible or people might find out that you don’t know enough.

Acknowledging that there are some gaps you need to fill in your teaching journey is smart and helps you grow! But if this then spills over to feeling like you’re not good enough, worthy enough, smart enough or strong enough you begin to tread down a pretty slippery slope of low self-worth.

That kind of mindset is something we all can relate to! The one where we make knowledge a type of goal or external achievement to make us feel better.

But really, when will you ever know enough? 

when are you going to let yourself off the hook? 
when are you going to let go of trying to control every outcome so that you will feel more worthy?
when are you going to accept that you will never know enough and let the learning process feel light, easy and in flow? 

You can be satisfied exactly where you are now, while still having goals!

Decide now to be satisfied with where you are. Not once you get to ‘x’ goal or complete your next certification.

Be happy with the knowledge base you have built,
Let the momentum of your Pilates journey slowly build,
savour each juicy moment and learning experience,
Rest when you need rest
Reset, unplug and switch off regularly, before you even think you need it and remember the journey needs to feel as good as the destination!

You see, when you look around, the best teachers are actually the best at being themselves!

They don’t measure themselves up against others. They don’t let their self-worth be depicted constantly by external goals or let other peoples achievements make them feel like they are not good enough.

Rather they rally and cheerlead for their peers. Reflect often and go inward and use their greatest fears and troubles as fuel!

So at some point in your Pilates teaching journey you need to step up to the plate and shed your old skin.
At some point you have to stop looking 'outside' for answers.
At some point you need to trust yourself, your unique experiences, skills, approach and abilities.
And then bring it all to the table! Confidently, unapologetically!
Step out of your old skin and let the fire that drives your Pilates Soul come alive!

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