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Have you ever cleaned up your Cuing?

How often do you clean up your cuing as a Pilates instructor? Our words matter but sometimes we go into auto pilot mode when we are teaching without ever reflection on whether or not those words are having the impact we want on our clients.

This all starts from learning how to build awareness in to your own self practice and teaching instead of this kind of regurgitation of information quick fix, quick win approach. it's not for the faint hearted. 

If you want depth, if you want fulfilment, if you want to reach your potential and not cut corners it takes hard work! 
We need to learn how to take what we have learnt in our training or from our mentors and then be willing to do the inner work, the outer work, do the experimenting, sit with the messy stuff and the failures and then repeat it over and over again so that we truely and understand it! don’t just copy or fake it!