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Don’t turn your Pilates Career into another ‘tick the box’ exercise

Don’t turn your pilates career into ‘hustle and grind’ or into another ‘tick the box’ exercises!

The work 'within' is just as important as the work 'without'! I'm pretty tired of this kind of 'get shit done' attitude where people are now so addicted to having to be in control and be productive all the time that they don't even know themselves!

You don't need to know it all to be confident!! True fulfilment, especially in a teaching profession comes from within, not from the work you produce or the external validation you get or how successful you can make yourself look. ⁣

I bet that most of us choose to teach Pilates out of a million other fricken things we could have done because we desire connection, meaning, belonging and community! We want to lead and we want to help! ⁣

This community and connection we are trying to create in the spaces we teach in starts from within! The hustle and the self awareness need to go hand in hand for you to find purpose. So there is no point 'getting shit done' if you don't know why you are doing the shit and if the shit has no meaning! Otherwise your life is one big fricken tick box exercises of pleasing others. ⁣

Letting yourself enjoy the process, the messy unfolding of your goals takes courage and feels fucking rebellious in this fast paced world where we can get instant gratification and easily take shortcuts! Show up for yourself, build resilience and discover who you are and what is most important to you! There are no shortcuts!⁣