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The Undercover Instructor - Ep 4 with Ash Berry from Movementality

The Undercover Instructor - Ep 4 with Ash Berry from Movementality

Today I’m moving and chatting with
Ash, the Co-owner of Movementality, Richmond

Instructor: Ash Berry

Class: 1:1 Pilates Session

Studio: Movementality, Richmond

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I honestly had the most amazing time at Movementality and had to actually go back twice because we chatted to much and ran out of time!

These guys are known for there unique approach in combining Pilates and Functional Neurology in a clinical setting. As I moved through my 1:1 session with Ash I felt like she had the eye of a practitioner with 20 years experience!

Ash is a great example of how you can bring your previous experiences and career to the studio to have a truly enriching teaching experience! She is an absolute wealth of knowledge in how you can use your teacher training, anatomy knowledge, passions and previous skills in your teaching. We also chatted about how to plan in a small group setting, her teaching philosophy and much more!

How to plan for Small group / Clinical Settings as a Pilates Teacher

Ash talks through some tips that help when it comes to planning in small group / clinical Pilates settings. She talks about how to teach what you know first to your clients and the importance of understanding your anatomy in this context.

“….Teach from somewhere that is so enriched that anybody, a beginner or advanced mover is going to get something out of it”

- Ash Berry

Knowing your ‘Anatomical Why’

Ash takes the stress out of learning anatomy through explaining the benefits of learning in 'Anatomical Why blocks' are and how you can use this in your own teaching and practice.

Here’s a look at what Ash took me through in my 1:1 session in The Pilates Playbook

Click on the class plan below to get a closer look at some of the exercises we went through in class.

Why your past matters and how you can bring those experiences to your teaching!

Ash and I spoke a lot about energy, intuition and how we can better apply this to our teaching. Ash talks us through how to combine both teaching from your gut, using your training and past experiences to really become the kind of teacher you want to be.

“it wasn't until I really let all my knowledge from Dance filter through that I started to nail my teaching.”

- Ash Berry

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