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The Undercover Instructor - Ep 5 with Miriam Jones from Motion and Repose

The Undercover Instructor - Ep 5 with Miriam Jones from Motion and Repose

Today I’m moving and chatting with
Miriam Jones, owner of Motion and Repose, teacher trainer and mentor

Instructor: Miriam Jones

Class: 1:1 Pilates Session

Studio: Motion and Repose

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Mentorship and Workshops: Check out Miriam’s mentor program here

It was such a full circle moment for me to interview Miriam Jones. It was like I was walking into some kind of scene from the matrix, like I was about to have a long awaited visit with the ‘oracle’ of the Pilates.

Miriam was the reason I decided to become a pilates teacher and I know there are many of you out there who she has done the same for.

In hindsight, I should have just walked into this Undercover Instructor series with a GoPro on my head because basically everything that comes from Miriam is considered and thought out and then applied to how it will best help you. She has an insane amount of experience training teachers ranging from Pilates to Barre and has just recently opened the doors of her mentor program and home studio.

"I teach, educate, and train from a deep understanding that we are all designed to live with grace, awareness, vitality and integrity in all we do." - Miriam Jones

Staying in the Industry beyond 5 years

Miriam talks about the 4th and 5th year in your teaching career and the things that we as Pilates Instructors often consider and how to find our way forward.

  • Do I do another course?

  • Do I open a home studio?

  • Do I stop teaching Pilates?

  • How to I keep growing?

  • How can I make my classes more interesting?

  • How can I improve my class retention?

Miriam also talks about the importance of looking at self development beyond the Pilates Industry and how this can help us grow our own self worth and engagement. She also talks us through some great questions to ask before you do another Pilates course!

“Having a true depth of connection to what motivates and drives you to really want to be in the Pilates industry is actually what forms the foundation of a business that expands with you”

- Miriam Jones

Working within a ‘studio framework’ as a Pilates Instructor

As most of you will know I am so passionate about how we can bring more of our unique selves to our teaching! and I truly believe this is a skill we all need to cultivate.

In this video Miriam explains how It’s our job to teach to a certain framework or ‘studio’s genre’ but we don’t need to lose our unique voice within this framework! that’s something that' can be tricky as an instructor so I was so excited to hear Miriam’s advice on this topic.

“Your unique voice is not to be capped by that structure, it can exist in that structure.”

- Miriam Jones

Miriam shares how your unique voice can come through in your teaching in many different ways. It comes through in:

  • how you express the exercises

  • the depth of knowledge that you have

  • the way you connect to clients

“You can teach a super fast fitness style class that never ever loses integrity in what your offering or presenting”

- Miriam Jones

quote from Miriam Jones

My 1:1 Session with Miriam

Miriam took me through an incredible 1:1 pilates session. We worked a lot on reconnecting with my Posterior chain as well as Thoracic extension and rotation. I’ve found since teaching more and more reformer that I have lost strength and awareness of my posterior chain so it was great to finally find my hamstrings again!

Miriam has such a great way to keep calling you back into the present moment as she teaches. She gives you these little sprinkles of wisdom throughout the session as if she is asking you to come home to yourself in each exercise, to find more connection with your body, more awareness and more self love! We did a great little Thoracic extension sequence with the fit ball which I’ve written out in The Pilates Playbook below.

The role of Masculine and Feminine energies in Teaching

One thing that really really bothers me about the fitness industry, culture and now in the Pilates world is how much I see people acting out of there ‘masculine’ energy and completely ignoring the feminine and the richness that this can bring to the class room and communities we teach in.

In this interview I asked Miriam about how she thinks we can bring a balance of Masculine and Feminine energy to the way that we teach. Miriam beautifully describes what these type of energies actually mean, how it is tied to exhaustion in our industry and how we can honour the feminine in our teaching and self practice to really gain a sense of depth and connection to what we are doing.

This is perhaps my favourite answer in my interview with Miriam. She brings up why it’s so important to understand what quality you are in, in your own mind before we teach. What quality am I in before I step into any part of this session?” is a question I think every instructor should be asking themselves daily!

“Is the quality of you before you teaching in intensity, anxiety or are you settled back into you body?”

It’s a great reminder that we get to set the space and intention your class will exist in. How we can bring the powerful feminine to our teaching to be in true strength, power, connection and relationships to our bodies and others before we take action.

You can check out more videos from the Undercover Instructor series and join the conversation over on Instagram here! and check out The Pilates Playbook and Creative Coaching calls below.

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The Pilates Playbook

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