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What's your future Pilates Career look like?

What's your future Pilates Career look like?

What's your long game in the Pilates Industry?

Sometimes our goals don't become clear straight away but if we don't make time to reflect on what feels good to us or how we can bring our own unique skills and abilities to the industry then we end up chasing other peoples 'shiny' goals. 

We become both distracted and burnt out pretty quickly as that’s not what our Pilates Soul ever wanted in the first place!! 

Sometimes we can get distracted by our busy schedules and never really check in to see where it is we want to go on our Pilates teaching journey!  Maybe your aiming for one of these potential career paths? 

Pilates Studio owner?
Pilates Teacher trainer?
Wellness Retreat expert?
Online instructor?
Corporate / Teacher juggle? 

I knew from the very beginning of my Pilates journey that I didn't want to own my own studio (hence the name Nomad Pilates).  After teaching for a few years and observing those further along then me, I also knew pretty quickly that 30+hours teaching a week was not my jam either! 
What I want doesn't really fit into any of the above Pilates career pathways. And maybe what you want doesn't fit either. I really encourage you to think outside of the mainstream and do it your way!  

Or maybe you are just starting out with a hell of a lot of passion and are loving just getting your teeth stuck into teaching and changing lives! That's cool to. It takes time for the big picture or your big 'why' to become clear.

However, If you have been teaching for a while or you know what you want and what you definitely don't want.  Then I really encourage you to take some time out and think about your Pilates career pathway at least every 90 days and then....

Ask yourself these questions and create your own Playbook for a successful Pilates career! 

  1. Are you still enjoying what you are doing? What would excite you the most? 

  2. What's your long game goals? What sounds the most fun to you? 

  3. Picture yourself in a years time. How do you want to feel? where do you want to teach, what does the space look and feel like? what does your schedule look and feel like? what does your income look and feel like? Write it down as if it's already happened! 

  4. Do your values match your long game goal?

  5. How could your schedule be tweaked now (even just a little) to help you focus more on the things you love doing and that long game goal?

  6. Are your daily actions leading you a step closer? Who are you hanging around with? are those people helping you reach the goal or hindering you? 

  7. Do you even still want the same thing? Sometimes our goals change and thats ok!! 

  8. Are you scheduling in rest days and weeks to reset yourself? 

  9. Where are the gaps, patterns and opportunities in your teaching career?

  10. How's the long game goal tie in with your personal values and plans (travel, kids, lifestyle, finances, growth and development, maternity leave etc)

“It’s lonely at the top. Ninety-nine percent of people in the world are convinced they are incapable of achieving great things, so they aim for the mediocre. The level of competition is thus fiercest for ‘realistic’ goals, paradoxically making them the most time and energy-consuming.”

- Tim Ferris

The Pilates Playbook is a class planning tool for Pilates and Movement instructors

The Pilates Playbook

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Self development tools for a more enjoyable Pilates Career

Self development tools for a more enjoyable Pilates Career

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