How to be a creative instructor

Being a creative instructor comes in many different forms!

Being more creative or having more variety in my teaching toolbox is something I used to worry about a lot.

Over time and with the guidance of many mentors I've realised creativity does not always come in the form of a new transition or amazing exercise nobody has ever seen before, and actually most clients don't even care!

Self development tools for a more enjoyable Pilates Career

Over time I've learned to incorporate many of the things I used in my previous life as an athlete coupled with the tips I’ve got from many of my mentors and applied them to my pilates teaching career which has both increased the quality of my teaching and the enjoyment it brings me.

Setting up little ‘triggers’ that help you transition from one moment to the next will turn ordinary moments in your Pilates career to the most extraordinary ones!

What's your future Pilates Career look like?

When I finally watched the courier deliver my first BIG Pilates Playbook shipment I really couldn’t believe that this is what my Pilates career now looked like! If you asked me at the start of my pilates teaching training if thats what I would have been doing I would have laughed!

Sometimes our goals don't become clear straight away but if we don't make time to reflect on what feels good to us or how we can bring our own unique skills and abilities to the industry then we end up chasing other peoples 'shiny' goals. 

We become both distracted and burnt out pretty quickly as thats not what our Pilates Soul ever wanted in the first place!!