Playbook Praise

The Pilates Playbook is a particularly great resource for trainee instructors and new graduates.

The way the class planning pages’ double up as a place for observation notes is perfect for when you are doing placement hours.

This also allows new instructors to easily identify the gaps and patterns in their teaching that helps them figure out their unique teaching style.

- Cloe Bunter, Pilates Instructor, Sydney

The Pilates Playbook testimonial from Kylie

"When I saw The Pilates Playbook it seemed the perfect gift to help my instructors find their voice whilst encouraging them to play with transitions, create flows and class plans. I wanted to help them delve deeper into themselves and discover new ways of learning playing and thinking"

Kylie, Studio Owner - KX Pilates
Booragoon, WA

Time is precious in between classes, filled with client questions, bookings & greetings. The remaining time left for preparation needs to be used wisely.

The Pilates Playbook allows me to have in one place all my thoughts and plans and reminds me of my teaching goals. It's a mentor in your pocket

- Tim Llewellyn-Jones, Tim Pilates Sydney


The Pilates Playbook is so much more than just a notebook; it has become my Pilates resource…for all things class planning, observation, workshops and self-mastery! And I love now knowing that everything is within the one place.

It provokes thoughtful planning and self-reflection and is therefore an invaluable resource for not only experienced instructors but for new instructors alike; providing mentorship, direction and inspiration all within the beautifully laid out pages.

The right hand page lends itself perfectly for brainstorming / planning which I used to write on scrap paper; and is now captured right next to my class plan and therefore never lost. I cannot recommend this invaluable and versatile resource enough!

- Liz, Pilates Instructor, Melbourne

The Pilates Playbook Testimonial Molly Kat Gay

"I’ve noticed that since using The Pilates Playbook I’m actually sitting down to plan and my classes are just expanding with new moves.

It's made me focus on transitions and be more creative with those moments in between"

- Molly Kat Gay, Pilates Instructor and Model, Sydney

Victoria B.jpg

Working through the self-mastery prompts in the Playbook reminded me to take initiative and be my own mentor!

I had a little ‘aha’ moment where I realised that while external feedback is really helpful its sometimes non-specific and not always readily available. I don’t need to wait for someone else to tell me, I can also give myself honest and constructive feedback through self-reflection.

- Jacqui-Maree Bailey, Pilates Instructor & Remedial Therapist, Melbourne


The Pilates Playbook is A MUST for all Instructors. As all instructors know, class planning is just as important as teaching the class itself. A lot of effort goes into structuring, designing and creating an awesome class, and The Pilates Playbook has been my ultimate saviour.

Each heading and little detail of this book has been carefully constructed and thought through. Before I got my hands on The Pilates Playbook, my plans would like an unreadable bunch of scribble. So for me, the fact that this book has built in sections, allows me to plan in sequence; as well as include the extra details of a class, like cues and props all while looking, neat and tidy, (and makes for easy re-reading at any given moment). Whether you are undertaking observation hours, or ready to take your Pilates teaching to the next level – this book should be a staple in every instructor’s bag!

I also gain a lot of inspiration online, and I love the fact that this book has a specific area to include the class focus and inspiration – where I can link my plan to a clip or Instagram vid.

- Nicole, The Heart of Pilates, Melbourne

Victoria B.jpg

One of things I love most about this book is the two-page layout for class planning, almost like a playground for left and right brain - a structured page to help you outline your class plan succinctly, and a blank page with prompts that allows for creative doodles and writing flow to help reflect on your teaching and observations. 

Self-reflection is absolutely vital as a Pilates instructor, and the only way to grow your skill set beyond being someone who instructs by repetition, to being someone who teaches by understanding. There are so many questions I ask of myself daily on my quest to be a better teacher than I was yesterday - and this playbook gives me the space to capture the answers, and make good use of them. 

I'm so excited about getting my hands on the next edition and growing my collection of playbooks - these are not just diaries, but a clear capture of thoughts, almost like Harry Potter's Dumbledore and his pensieve.

To paraphrase Dumbledore:

"I use the Playbook. One simply siphons the excess thoughts from one's mind, pours them into the book, and examines them at one's leisure. It becomes easier to spot patterns and links, you understand, when they are in this form."

- Victoria Brockfield, Holistic HQ, Melbourne


The Pilates Playbook has helped me stay focused on what's important to me, reflect on my teaching style and remember what worked well and didn't in each class. 

I have also loved the self reflection part of the notebook. Lately I'm thinking big picture rather than just about the exercises separately. 

- Lauren Angel, Alive Yoga Pilates