Identifying your teaching philosophy is the most empowering thing you can do in becoming a creative, growth centered instructor. 

The first half of The Pilates Playbook is a class planning tool for Pilates Instructors where they can keep all their class plans, observation notes and ideas in the one place.

It's a place to create and brainstorm new ideas, a space to reflect on your teaching journey and see where gaps, patterns and opportunities have emerged as you grow into the teacher you are meant to be! 

Teaching is much more than knowing the repertoire. Understanding what your teaching values are, taking time to reflect and identify how you best communicate and connect with others is vital to becoming a creative, growth centred instructor. 

The back of the book is a structured self reflection guide that leads instructors to find their own unique teaching philosophy and understand what success means to them through a series of questions and prompts. 

The Pilates Playbook Specifications:

  • A5 soft cover design with elastic band and ribbon marker.

  • Pocket at back of book

  • Comes in Dusty Pink or Black

  • 188 pages with 160 class planning pages!

  • A structured back section on Self Reflection and Self Mastery that leads you through a series of questions and prompts that help you figure out your teaching philosophy and stay connected to your practice!