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Pay Rates, Super & Contracts in the Pilates Industry

Pay Rates, Super & Contracts in the Pilates Industry

Know your worth as a Pilates Teacher

A little while ago the Nomad Pilates Instagram blew up when I sparked a conversation about rates of pay, superannuation, sick leave and contracts in the Pilates Industry here in Australia!

This is a huge issue with many challenges for both studio owners and teachers. However, in this interview we mainly focus on how we as Pilates Instructors can educate ourselves, know our worth and have the knowledge we need to look after ourselves.

I’ve heard some really terrible stories but also some amazing ones from both teachers and studio owners who are going above and beyond for their most valued asset - their staff!

I chatted to Angela from Healthymoney.co. She is a chartered accountant and pilates teacher who specializes in helping both teachers and studio owners get there financial 'shit' in order and know there worth!

This was a very lengthy and detailed conversation so a difficult video to break up into pieces. However, I have split this in half. In the first part of our conversation, Angela takes us through the contract vs employee form on the ATO website and gives really clear examples of how to define this for your specific situation. The video is also available on the Nomad Pilates YouTube channel.

Links to help you figure it all out!

A reminder that Angela’s advice is general in nature. Use the links below, or get in touch with Angela to figure out your unique situation, options and what to do.

Contractor vs Employee Decision Tool

Fairwork Fitness Industry Award

Get in contact with Angela here

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