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Self development tools for a more enjoyable Pilates Career

Self development tools for a more enjoyable Pilates Career

I have so many different roles in my life at the moment and a lot of competing priorities so sometimes it feels increasingly challenging to be present and completely relax and enjoy what I am doing.

Over time I've learned to incorporate many of the things I used in my previous life as an athlete coupled with the tips I’ve got from many of my mentors and applied them to my pilates teaching career which has both increased the quality of my teaching and the enjoyment it brings me.

Setting up little ‘triggers’ that help you transition from one moment to the next will turn ordinary moments in your Pilates career to the most extraordinary ones!

The below is a list of self development and high performance tools I use at different times to create little triggers that help me transition from one moment to the next.

Here are some teaching tools I use:

  • I repeat a little mantra as I walk to the studio that reminds me of my teaching philosophy and brings my focus to what I’m about to do . This really lightens my energy and brings me into the present moment.

  • I visualise how I want my class to go. I visualise walking through the room as I teach, how I want to feel at the end of class and I even visualise what speaking with certainty, warmth and playfulness sounds and looks like.

  • I remind myself I have choices in the way I use my words, tone and body language throughout the class. Does it need to be soft or powerful at any given moment? Does it need to be assertive, calm or more open?

  • I choose to engage with each person on a more personal level. I don’t want to be a different person outside of the classroom then I am in it - like a chameleon always changing colours.

  • I respect the planning process. It surprised me when I first saw my mentor take notes into the class, I thought this was a huge deal at the time and people would think I don’t know anything but actually nobody cares and now I use structure and flexibility to my advantage. I find making time to plan my classes, visualise it, play with it and write it out each week makes me feel really confident. This doesn’t mean I take my notes into each class all the time (although I used to heaps) or that I follow my class plan completely. It simply gives me a framework and intention to work with and then I trust my intuition and work with who is in front of me.

  • I try to make sure I acknowledge each person in the class. This could be through eye contact and saying hello when they walk in or providing assistance or manual cues throughout the session.

  • I let go of the idea that I need to be an extraordinary teacher or this needs to be the best most creative class.

  • I pause, speak slowly at the start of class and take a few deep purposeful breaths instead of rushing and going in to autopilot (especially with the basic exercises)

  • I laugh when I make a mistake

  • I trust I know enough to do my best with the energy I have on that given day

  • I reflect regularly on how I am feeling and on the classes I am teaching by taking some time out to ask myself some important questions. (I created a free self reflection workbook here)

  • I have a trusted network of other Pilates instructors and people outside the Pilates industry I go to for feedback and advice.

    "all around you are ordinary moments and experiences that could be extraordinary by your love and attention."

    - Oprah

The Pilates Playbook

The Pilates Playbook

A class planning tool for Instructors to keep all your notes in the one place! It also has a self reflection guide at the back to help you figure out your teaching values and philosophy! Click here to purchase!

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